Wednesday, March 28, 2018

PTU Flowers Galore

This tut was written March 28th, 2018, for those with a basic knowledge of psp.
I am using the awesome tube by artist Stella Felice 7
Tube is called"Maggie"
 You need a license to use this art, please do not use without a license.
You can find the tube at PFD  HERE

Supplies Needed
I used PSPX...but any of them should work.
PTU kit Tiptoe Through The Tulips by All Dolled Up! 
Come tiptoe through the tulips with me! If you are looking for flowers
that's what this kit is all about.
With 140 Elements and 25 Papers this kit will have you
kissing in the garden in the moonlight
MizTeeques Mask_162 HERE
Check out the rest of the blog HERE
Animation by Rene Kunert,  #54 in package 14 at her store HERE

Font of Choice, I used LMS Lindalicious

Drop Shadow usually V2 H2 50 black
 *Remember to add your drop shadow as you go along*

Open a new image 800 x 800
Paste paper 5, apply your mask, delete, merge group.

Resize element 39 to 90%, paste, click inside with your magic wand, 
expand by 5, paste paper 4, invert, delete, select none.

Resize your tube to 40%, paste below the frame, duplicate, move above, 
erase the bottom parts of the tube, and the side if you like that look, if not leave
the side showing.

Resize element 132 to 70%, paste at the lower left above the frame.
Resize element 123 to 40%, paste at the lower left behind the cup.
Resize element 81 to 30%, paste below the cup layer.

Resize element 35 to 30%, paste at the bottom above the cup layer.
Resize element 126 to 35%, free rotate to the right at 90 degrees, paste at the 
bottom to the right more behind the cup layer.

Resize element 113 to 40%, paste at the lower right on the frame.
Paste element 2 on the frame on the left, duplicate, mirror.
Resize element 10 to 40%, paste below the cup/vase layer.

Resize element 16 to 40%, paste at the bottom to the right more.
Resize element 73 to 75%, paste on the left, duplicate, mirror, adjust behind the tube.
Paste element 131 on the mask layer on the upper left behind the frame,
duplicate, mirror.
Resize element 48 to 90%, paste on the mask layer on the left and down some,
duplicate, mirror, move down some on the right.
Paste element 12 on the top layer.

Add any other elements you would like to add.

If you are going to animate, keep the white background. 
Add your copyright and name, then copy merged to animation shop.
Make the same amount of layers as the animation, which is 25 layers.

Resize your animation to 75%. To do this go to edit, select all, animation,
resize, change the number to 75, then edit, select all, copy.
Go to your tag, edit, select all, paste into selected frame and paste where you like.
I pasted twice, once low and then the other I move up about half way.
Test if happy save.

That's it
Hope you enjoyed doing my tut.

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