Monday, August 7, 2017

PTU Autumn Is On The Way-3 Piece Set

This tut was written August 7th, 2017 for those with a basic knowledge of psp.
No artist used for this one, everything is in this awesome kit

I used PSPX...but any of them should work.
PTU Scrap Fall Fox by Irish Princess Designs  HERE
This kit is Awesome so many wonderful elements for your Fall tagging fun.
You can also find this kit at one of these stores HERE, HERE, HERE
Insatiable Dreams Mask 212  HERE
Scroll down to number 7  block of masks
Check out the rest of the blog HERE
WSL_Mask 84 HERE

Font of choice,  I used  StarMiX

Drop shadow is usually V-2 H-2 Black, 50, 5, use what you prefer.
Let's get started
*Remember to add your drop shadow as you go along*

Open a new image 800 x 800
Select all, add a new raster layer, paste paper 13 into selections, resize your mask
larger to 130%, paste, delete, merge group.

Paste element 9 on the left.
Paste element 21 at the top, give it a light orange drop shadow.

Resize element 77 to 60%, paste at the bottom about center.

Resize element 26 to 45%, paste behind the fox on one side, duplicate, mirror, adjust
on the other side of the fox, duplicate, resize to 75%, move out more, duplicate,
mirror, adjust all four of them to your liking.

Resize element 1 to 60%, place behind the fox.
Resize element 83 to 70%, place on the leaf pile behind the fox
Resize element 8 to 35%, place on the right at the bottom.
Resize element 60 to 95%, paste on the right on the mask layer.
Resize element 106 to 40%, paste on the right above the pumpkin.
Resize element 65 to 40%, paste at the top below the cloud layer.

Resize element 24 to 40%, paste on the left below the tree, duplicate, move to the
right of the tree.

Resize element 6 to 20%, mirror, place on the wheel barrel, erase part of it so it
looks like it is in the wheel barrel.
Resize element 10 to 25%, place at the wheel of the wheel barrel.
Resize element 89 to 50%, paste on the tree layer on the left, duplicate, mirror,
adjust on the mushroom house to your liking.
Resize element 38 to 25%, place below the tree as if hanging off the branch.
Paste element 67 on the mask where you like.
Resize element 37 to 40%, paste at the bottom being on the top layer, duplicate, mirror,
move below the squirrel layer and adjust the squirrel on the apples.
Paste element 107 on the mushroom house the way you like, erase any at the
bottom that you don't want.

Add any other elements that you would like, make it your own.
Don't merge your tag just yet if you are going to do the Signature tag.

If you want to do the Signature part, open a new image 600 x 200
Go back to your tag, close off all the lower layers you don't want to use, refer to
my tag to see better, copy merged,
paste on the new image, resize to 73%.
If you would like to add a mask, I resize paper 13 to 60%, pasted below, cropped
 and apply WSL_84.
Add your name and copyright and go back to your tag and finish.

Open a new image 200 x 200 or a size your forum allows, duplicate your merged tag,
resize to 75%, paste, duplicate, move the bottom one over to the right to fill in some,
adjust the top tag, merge visible.
Add a frame of choice, I used AAA Frame-Foto Frame, width on two.

Once happy with your tag, close off any background, crop your tag to make
sure there are no stray edges, merge visible, resize first.
Add your copyrights and name.

That's it
Hope you enjoyed doing my tut.


  1. Thank you so much dear Shaz, for another great tut, I used a tube- Fox, from Verymany, I hope you like my set for you , HERE :
    and here :
    and here :
    Hugs, from Betsy E. from Norway

  2. Betsy this set is beautiful, love it and all saved now, thank you so very much.

    1. You're so welcome Shaz, so glad you liked the set. Thanks again for the tut,